Monday, May 17, 2010

Robin Hood nearly let me down


yup. he nearly let me down. well, maybe it's my fault coz i didn't take the effort to read the synopsis before going to watch the movie. i only made my mind becoz of the title, Robin Hood and Russell Crowe. don't get me wrong. he is a very good actor. he got his own charisma. maybe another oscar winning performance from him.

ok, back to the point now. i was expecting a movie about Robin Hood the thief, the outlaw. but what i saw was far from that. Robin Longstride (so its real name) is an army of England. going for a battle that took 10 years before he could return home. back home, live as another person and try to find his root. then he lead his country against a French invasion and hailed as the hero who lead his country to victory. in an era where King (of England) declared that he is elected as King by God, he certainly can't tolerate Robin's achievement and so declared Robin Hood as an outlaw, out of jealousy. and so the legend begins.

[as usual, pic's credit goes to uncle Google]

yup. it is actually a movie about how Robin Hood became an outlaw, living in the woods with friends and loved ones. i only understand it when its nearly the end. huhuhu. a friend of mine said that all the characters in the movie were the same as in the cartoon version. i can't recall the characters from the cartoon as i barely watch it since i was a kid.

for those who hate a heavy movie, don't watch this. i saw a couple surrender and leave the cinema in the middle of the show. if u just go to cinema to laugh or enjoy your weekend, Bounty Hunter would be a better choice. heheheh.

p/s: pegi tgk ngan member2 JMD. dah lama tak tgk wayang sama2. bile nak karaoke plak weh? hehehe
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