Wednesday, August 12, 2009

about time to update


gile lama aku tak update blog nih. byk bende nk citer tp masa nk citer tu takde mood plak nak menaip. pastu kononnya nk kumpul semua citer tu dlm satu entry. tp bile dah ade mood nk menaip, malas plak nak citer semuanya satu persatu. hahahah.

well, lets make it short. my life has been quite a messed in the past few weeks. ade yg suka, ada yg duka, ada yg menyenangkan, ada yg menyusahkan, ade yang melegakan, ada yg menyakitkan dan mcm2 lagi. maybe life is about that. good and bad things come and go. silih berganti. ibarat roda. kadang2 di atas, kadang2 di bawah. what make us human is how we deal with it. deal it the right way, u'll survive. taking a wrong turn can cost u big time and u might not be able to recover. so, watched out.

last weekend aku selsema and demam. hari isnin baru pi klinik. alhamdulillah, its nothing serious. still recovering. hopefully everything will get back to normal soon. insya Allah.

latest movie yg aku dah tgk after Transformers are Setem, The Taking Of Pelham 123 and recently, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. next tak tau lagi nk tgk citer ape plak. klu ade org ajak aku tgk wyg aku layan je la klu boleh dilayan. (dah lama tak tgk cite jiwang2...wakakaka)

ermmm. ade dgr pasal Go Youth Carnival kat bukit jalil hari tu?? I was there. but didnt enjoy it. event management sucks. malas nak komen.

hmmm. Do you drive a PROTON or PERODUA and staying or working in Putrajaya or nearby area? Are you into leisure, outdoor activity? Do you want to get to know new people and expanding your friends network? Take a moment and look what RIMM has to offer you. Any enquiries can be addressed to or ask me here. =)

hehehhe. saje je promo sket.

p/s: tahniah kepada sahabatku Layzree yang telah selamat ditunangkan pada 1 Ogos yang lepas. thanx sbb invite aku amik berkat sama. hehehehe.

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