Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Don't Always Get What You Want


I watched Glee and attracted to one song they performed. "you don't always get what you want but if you try something you might get what you need". i think it is very true. we can't just get what we want, when we want. because if that happens, life will be much more easier. 

think about it. sometimes, what we want isn't what we need. we are humans. being greedy is one of our nature. don't deny it. its one of the thing that make us human. we always wanting more than we actually need. and it is quite impossible to get everything we want just because we want them. but we can get what we need if we try so hard to get it. after all, it is something we need. wanting and needing is two different things. needing is more important than wanting. getting something you need is more crucial than getting something you want. don't you think so??

p/s: klu rasa post ni berbelit2, abaikan je laa. it's just my humble thought. huhuhu.
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