Friday, April 2, 2010

I’m Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

assalamualaikum and a very good day to all fellow readers.

oopss. feeling like giving out a speech pulak. heheheh. well, mind the title. i'm not going yet but i really do want to go. that is why i'm writing this entry. did anybody remember how jealous i am knowing that a friend of mine and many other bloggers have been invited to the event? if u haven't read it, u can read it here.

to tell you the truth, i thought my chance was over. but FaizalSky0ne told me that the contest is still open. so, without further a due, i'm going to give my best shot. hehehhe.

after reading the GATSBY STREET FAIR advertorial at Nuffnang, I will feel so badly if i couldn't make it to the event. there are a lot of fantastic and bombastic prizes to be won. lucky draw prizes of RM 15,000 worth of gadgets and vouchers should be the main attraction besides GATSBY goody bags and products. the best of all, you can bring a friend with you to share the excitement that GATSBY have to offer.

but, that's not all. what is a street fair without fun games, right?? a lot of games will be held from a simple Throw-A-Ball to the hilarious (yeah, i'm sure!!) sumo wrestling. don't worry if you're small because they can make you big with an airbag to wrap your whole body and you don't have to wear the cawat (me for sure don't want to). you'll be bigger than Afdlin Shauki. heheheh. but remember, size doesn't matter.bigger doesn't mean stronger. as for me, i would really love to try this game since the first time i saw it on Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle movie (if im not mistaken laa. hehehe.)

so, there you are. i really hope i can get the invitation. (i'm not begging, just asking nicely. LOL). if you 're  not convince with me, check this out. for GOD sake, i'm telling you the truth. huhuhu.

that's all. thank you.

p/s: hope i'm not to little to late to submit this. hehehe.
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