Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm Back


as i said a few post a go, after coming back from Alor Star, I was asked to attend a workshop in Port Dickson for 5 days. it has been very tiring but I had to and in the end I really enjoy it. we had classes from 9.00am till 10.30pm. mentally very very very very very tired. physically also very very very very tired. yet, still had the energy to play beach volleyball with them in the evening. it has been a long time since i played and that's why i enjoyed it very much. we even had a BBQ with karaoke session on the last night we were there. very very very happening. for all my hectic, busy and tiring days, i enjoy this workshop very much because of the participants who are very friendly and easy to relate with each other. furthermore, there's not more than 20 of us. feels like we're discussing among friends eventhough some of us just were met during the workshop. :)

view from my room@ Corus Paradise Hotel, Port Dickson

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