Sunday, January 3, 2010



in the past few days, I've been hit by injuries. the first happened last wednesday when i was playing futsal with my fellow colleagues. i thought i damaged my knee ligament. so i went to see a doctor the very next day. i was relieved when the doctor said i wasn't the ligament. he just gave me a painkiller, something for the my swelled knee (which i dont think it swelled) and a cream to rub the knee. hope it will get better in time because i have another futsal game this coming saturday. hehehe.

and tonight, i went out with the JMDs. we went 'karaoke-ing' (is there such word??) at alamanda. when we're done, after paying the parking ticket, i accidentally hit something on the safety fence along the pavement. i hit it hard, on my head. as a result, i got a small cut on my forehead. right on my right eyebrow. it does hurt but nothing bad. just a small cut, little bruises, some blood and that's all. =)

what a week. maybe i'll write about what i do and felt on the first 2 days of 2010 later. maybe. can't promise that. =)

p/s: first time writing an entry with full english (or was it 'fool'??) huhuhu. hope i'm doing fine. care to drop your comments, please.
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