Monday, February 2, 2009

worst ever


it has been 3 days since i've been hit by this fever. as i remember, this is the worst ever fever that i had suffered. the headache is killing me. after taking meds, i felt better but after a few hours, its getting worse again. all i can do is lying on bed for the whole day. its really tiring but i can't get up that easy so i only get up for prayers and meals. i force myself to take some meals coz i had to take the meds. thats wut a friend of mine had advice me. i thought i could go to work tomorrow but with my situation here, i don't think i'll be able to do that. i'll went to another clinic tomorrow coz the doctor said if the fever isn't decreasing in 4 days, i have to take a blood test. just to make sure dat i didn't get dengue. hopefully not.

Lels, aku mintak maaf sgt2. mmg aku tak smpt beli ape2 souvenier pun. family aku yg kirim bermacam2 pun aku tak smpt nak belikan. kasihi dan kasihanilah abg mu yg sedang terlantar sakit ini.
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