Monday, February 23, 2009



maturity. what defines maturity? what makes a person matured? age? looks? life experience? hmmm. i have no idea. just today, someone said that i seems to be more matured than a 30 years old guy. errmmm. i'm only 26 this October. am i look that old? older than my age? what makes her said that? its not that im offended, im actually flattered.

its not the 1st time people said that to me. most people who starting to know me would ask me twice when i told them my age and im not yet married. there are also person that asked how many children i had. i just smile and said im still a bachelor. heheh.

if you know me, you would have sumthing to say about this right? if you dont, its okies. let me just tell you why i think they thought im older than my age. ermmm. but on second thought, i think i shouldn't. im afraid there would be misunderstanding if i spill my thought.
so, thats it. why people said my maturity doesn't suit my age? i'm still wondering.....

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