Saturday, February 20, 2010



im back in town. huhuhu. can't say its gud to be back because obviously im in need of a really2 long break from work. but im not the boss so i couldn't afford to do that. have to get back to work this monday. whatever it is, it has been a mixture of feeling during this long chinese new year holiday. im really happy and excited to finally got engaged to the girl that truely love me and accept me for who i am and i really want to have a great family with her. but my excitement was ruin because my parent's house was broken into during our leave. luckily nothing precious was loss except my sister's tabung with approximately RM160 inside, a bead bracelet, a laptop's mouse and a bag of 10kg of rice. hmmm. what a week.

p/s: i wonder what was he thinking when he took that mouse? its only worth less than RM20. huh.
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