Wednesday, August 19, 2009



I must admit i'm a little bit disturbed today. emotionally disturbed. i dont know why or how it disturbed me. i just felt disturbed. i dont know what to do or how i should react. i dont even know what caused that disturbed feeling. felt like talking but dont know what to talk about or to whom should i talked. thanx to my fav sis, Lels for listening to what i had said. thanx for the advice also.

and to ease my mind, i went out for a movie with my friends. we watched District 9 at The Mines. the show was at 9pm and i'm a little bit late, on purpose. actually i can arrive on time but still i chose to speed because it can somehow release my tense. and it felt even better when i get to ciloking a few cars. (i'm wearing seatbelt ok..hehehe) but i dont do this often. only if i get really2 tense. but yet i did the same thing on my way home. i dont know why. i'm sorry if i hurt anyone's feeling. i'm sorry if i let someone down. i'm sorry if i'm guilty of anything. i just dont feel in peace. please forgive me.
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